Finer viewing experiences

Vietnamese Ham with Shredded Pork Strips served on a bed of flat noodles accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables. (number 13)

This dish is very popular when one chooses a light meal.  It has many seasonal vegetable toppings along with Vietnamese ham and shredded pork strips and fresh flat noodles from Hon’s for its base.  A side of Vietnamese fish sauce is used for taste complementation.

House Meat Ball Dip (number 6)

This is a popular derivement from our Meat Ball sandwiches.  We try to provide our patrons with varietal choices in selecting their adventures.

* Very popular in the early mornings and during lunch hours.

Lemon Grass Chicken with Rice (number 23)

This meal is quite popular due to the Fresh Lemon Grass flavor marination.  A side of soup is complimentary with Most of our rice dishes.

* We use only vegetable oils in our cooking.

Spring Rolls (number 10)

When I sample the Spring Rolls, I would consider the crispiness of its rice paper after the deep frying process.  (This dish does not contain any seafood)

Our proprietary rolls are comparable to the Imperial Rolls served in the late 70’s by the Imperial Palace Restaurant nearby.

House Sandwich (number 1)

Most popular among our sandwich selections.  The consistency of our sandwiches include pickled carrots, fresh onion, coriander, cucumber, and peppers.  (peppers are optional)

Chicken Mushroom Soup (number 32)

Soup base is most important in designing our pho.  This is why we try different herbs in unison with correct measurements in consumating our soups.  In my opinion, in designing most Vietnamese dishes, the sauce is paramount in providing a full bud-tasting experience.

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